SAICA Enterprise Development


About SAICA Enterprise Development

SAICA Enterprise Development offers financial excellence to SMMEs. We believe that creating financially savvy SMMEs will help businesses grow sustainably, access funding successfully and ultimately employ more people. We have a group of SMMEs that are in need of development. We offer them financial coaching and boot camps on various subjects through our partnership with all designations of SAICA. By partnering with us, you adopt an SMME and pay for their development.

We aim to:

  • Potentially match you with an SMME that can fit into your supply chain;
  • Develop financial excellence in SMMEs;
  • Deliver excellent B-BBEE solutions aligned to client expectations;
  • Create customised programmes that make business sense;
  • Develop financial excellence in entrepreneurs that leads to tangible economic impact.

Your contribution will play a significant role in allowing us to continue to provide these SMMEs with much needed financial acumen. Let your Enterprise and Supplier Development contribution be part of the bigger picture. Be a stakeholder in economic growth- Adopt an SMME.