SCiBOTRON (pronounced: Sai-bo-tron) is an ISO9001 certified automation software engineering company experienced in industrial process control automation, custom software engineering, systems integration and emerging Industry 4.0 technologies. The quality of our services and software products are of an internationally approved standard.

SINCE SCiBOTRON WAS FOUNDED it gained a reputation as an automation company “that turns projects around” through industry-leading technical solutions, exemplary quality of software services and agility of project management.

THE NAME “SCiBOTRON” is made up of 3 business disciplines from which SCiBOTRON operates: Sci- (Sciences), Bot- (Robotics/Automation) and Tron- (Sub-atomic Electronic Particles for Electronic Engineering).

Our slogan is “For Eternity” which speaks of our enduring quality culture in our approach to everything we do.

Our Vision and Mission

MISSION: To foster long term relationships with our clients by providing them with automation solutions of the highest quality through agile project methodologies, ethical business practices, skilled resources and established processes.

VISION: To become internationally recognized as a trusted and preferred industrial process control automation company through exemplary engineering solutions, distinguished project management, efficient project execution and quality-focused systems and processes.

Our Services

SCiBOTRON offers the following professional engineering services within the Automation Industry:

• Systems Integration
• Custom Software Development
• Systems Administration
• Automation Consulting Services
• Automation Training
• Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions

We also provide value-added services such as hybridised agile automation software life-cycle project management and online project tracking for our customers.

SCiBOTRON has successfully integrated major automation systems for leading companies nationally and internationally.


Contact Details

67 Regency Drive, Route 21 Corporate Park, South Africa, 0157

Tel.: +27 (0)12 030 0340