SENTECH Connecting You To The Digital Evolution

SENTECH is South Africa’s premier provider of electronic communications network services in the broadcasting and communications industry.

SENTECH provides broadcast transmission services to radio and television stations nationwide. Its infrastructure and data communications platforms also provide services to South Africa’s commercial telecommunication sector.

As a technology company, SENTECH always aspire to see beyond the horizon, remain at the cutting edge of technology and being leaders in the ICT infrastructure services market. SENTECH is committed to providing South Africa with world class and quality solutions and working hard towards living up to that commitment.

SENTECH ran the first DAB+ trial that commenced in 2014 and also participated in the DRM30 trial. The main objective of these trials is to determine if both the DAB+ and DRM30 technologies could co-exist with current analogue sound technologies and explore the benefits to all parties of digital radio.

The fourth industrial revolution imposes the move from analogue to digital. The broadcasting as we have known has evolved at a radical pace. “The digital broadcasting is here, feet it, touch it”, said Malmail Booi, SENTECH CEO. The ability to utilise one frequency for multiple stations brings variety and opens the market for more stations to come onboard SENTECH’s platforms.

“This evolution has become important in the frequency congested radio network. The evolution of FM into a digital era where one frequency that currently carries 1 FM radio station would be able to carry up to 18 stations as well as additional display on consumer information that each radio channel wish to broadcast”, said Mlamli.

Digital radio offers broadcasters additional capacity to launch new services for the listeners. The user experience is beyond audio, digital radio includes text and image streaming directly to devices. SENTECH together with National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (SADIBA) and the SABC have demonstrated the success of the DAB+ and DRM technology trials. This product is now ready to be commercialized.

SENTECH’s Transformation and Development

Transformation is one of our key strategic pillars, it particularly prides itself on the impact it has made in the education and the enterprise development areas. Our strategy focusses on stimulating ICT SMME growth in South Africa, providing opportunities where potential exists.

Enterprise and supplier development forms part of our transformation and development mandate. Through its Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives, the company stimulates the growth of small and medium enterprises, create jobs and provides critical ICT intensive skills for the economy.

Through our incubation programme, we were able to incubate 20 SMMEs to create an environment through which entrepreneurs can develop their entrepreneurial competencies required to grow profitable and sustainable businesses. We also took grant funding approach and offered financial support to 13 SMMEs within the ICT industry. These initiatives have contributed to SMMEs growth. SENTECH continues to provide advisory and mentorship role for the SMMES on a demand basis.

Contact Details

SENTECH, Octave Street, Radiokop, Honeydew, Johannesburg

Tel: +27 (0)11 471 44 00


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