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About SERR Synergy

SA’s leader in Employee and Community Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) ownership structures.

The business milieu in South Africa is constantly changing with the introduction, implementation and amendment of legislation. This business legislation framework creates an integral web of compliance. Keeping abreast of industry trends while remaining competitive might seem overwhelming for some business owners.

SERR Synergy provides local and multi-national businesses across a broad spectrum of industries with tailor-made solutions to meet South Africa’s legislative requirements.

Our diverse team of professionals offer a comprehensive range of specialist consulting services with access to: Corporate and labour attorneys; auditors and tax experts; skills development facilitators; SETA-accredited training facilitators, assessors and moderators; HR specialists; UIF and workmen’s compensation experts; Learnership / YES programmes; and B-BBEE consulting and verification facilitation.

B-BBEE is an essential policy tool aimed at broadening the economic base of South Africa, promoting economic growth, mobilising investment, creating jobs and empowering communities. The complexities of the B-BBEE Codes, a low-growth economic environment and various other challenges that businesses are facing in industries such as Construction and Mining mean that B-BBEE is not simply a “tick box” exercise.

SERR SYNERGY was established in 2014 specifically to address the revised Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice (B-BBEE or BEE Codes) together with other legal compliance issues such as Skills Development and Employment Equity; the Labour Relations Act; the new Companies Act; Consumer Protection Act; Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI); Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), etc.

We synergise all legal requirements for businesses to become fully compliant, not only with the elements of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice but also with other legal compliance requirements (please see our full list of legal compliance services).

We follow a holistic approach to legal compliance where we work in partnership with businesses to ensure that we deliver a first-class service experience that is both affordable and integrated to suit our customers’ unique requirements and accomplish business objectives.



The existing B-BBEE Codes make provision for a variety of entities as a form of indirect B-BBEE ownership. We have established ourselves as the leader in South Africa in the field of restructuring of businesses to become B-BBEE compliant.

Business owners find it challenging to identify a suitable ownership structure for B-BBEE scorecard optimisation and to meet compliance requirements. The B-BBEE scorecard has been set up in such a way that it encourages broad-based ownership and the establishment of collective ownership programmes in the form of broad-based ownership schemes (B-BOS), employee share ownership programmes (ESOPs), trusts and non-profit companies (NPCs), etc.

SERR Synergy assists businesses to set up a variety of suitable ownership structures, including collective ownership programmes. We are the preferred service provider to several professionals and multi-national entities and therefore pride ourselves on being the largest trust administrator in South Africa.


With the emphasis on ownership, it remains important to focus on the nature and mix of the targeted beneficiaries of empowerment transactions. The three most important criteria to ascertain the level of B-BBEE ownership are exercisable voting rights, economic interest and “net equity”.  Beneficiaries are expected to offer a company more than mere B-BBEE credentials; therefore, the B-BBEE Codes encourage active participation of black people in terms of airing their opinions, appointing fiduciaries and making a contribution as shareholders.

Several collective programmes consist of beneficiaries who are illiterate and unable to actively participate due to a lack of education, experience and exposure to basic business concepts such as interpretation of financial statements, minutes of meetings, etc.

Our Empowerment Training and Development Programme has been introduced exclusively to identify and develop black employees and other beneficiaries of collective ownership programmes to acquire the required skills to meaningfully participate as beneficiaries and to introduce them to the possibility of becoming a fiduciary of collective ownership programmes, such as a trustee of a trust, in future. (*See brochure uploaded)


SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT EQUITY – a Skills Development Facilitator service that assists businesses with the development and submission of Workplace Skills Plans, Pivotal Plans, Employment Equity Plans and Reports.

ACCREDITED TRAINING, LEARNERSHIPS AND ‘YES’ PROGRAMME – our training products, which include mandatory and discretionary training courses as well as industry-related learnerships, to enable businesses to benefit from skills development and SETA-accredited training/learnerships and grants and tax rebates in respect of these programmes. We will also assist corporate entities to register for the new YES initiative by rolling out specifically designed YES training programmes.

LABOUR PRO FOR BUSINESSES – an integrated Labour Relations Programme for businesses to assist employers with labour legislation matters, e.g. review and drafting of employment contracts; developing employment policies and procedure; and offering an exclusive extended ‘Labour Relations Guarantee’.

PAIA AND POPI ACT AND CONSUMER PROTECTION – assisting businesses to become compliant with the PAIA and POPI Act by drafting and submitting PAIA Manuals and developing POPI Information Security Policies and Systems. We also assist businesses to ensure that business practices relating to clients and customers comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act by offering an exclusive ‘Consumer Protection Guarantee’.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION – We align required company documentation with legislation such as the new Companies Act, e.g. drafting of Memorandums of Incorporation, assisting with CIPC returns and Tax Clearance Certificates, etc. to ensure effective corporate governance and compliance with the Companies Act.

Our overall aim is to assist businesses to operate both legitimately and sustainably and at the same time benefit from South Africa’s distinctive economic landscape.  Contact us today for a free business consultation.