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Silverlab offers various ionic colloidal silver products which kill bad bacteria, viruses and fungi rapidly with no adverse effects to the body, while simultaneously reducing inflammation naturally.

Silverlab is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality ionic colloidal silver products. Our years of product know-how and in-depth technology have enabled us to manufacture our products with the highest quality and standards required by modern practitioners and therapists in the health and wellness industries.

Our products are manufactured in South Africa in accordance with GMP and ISO 9001 standards and principles. Silverlab colloidal silver products are not the conventional “colloidal silver” products that many consumers have been exposed to. Instead they are highly developed and independently tested ionic silver solutions.

Although some silver products can be “caustic” in nature, extensive tests have been conducted on our products which have all returned as negative in terms of toxicity.

Ionised colloidal silver products are widely accepted and supplied in global markets.

Silverlab colloidal silver has been tested and has been found to be bactericidal or fungicidal on all pathogenic microbes tested. All our products carry MCC register numbers.

Silverlab is extremely proud that our colloidal silver products have been shown to compare favourably with the best products available worldwide. It is due to this commitment to excellence that our products have established themselves as market leaders.

As well as being an effective immune booster, the healing properties of silver solutions are extraordinary as can be shown from the results achieved both in testing as well as in patients who are taking our product. In addition to this, no known side effects have occurred.

Silverlab Colloidal Silver products can be used for relief of ailments such as inflammation, wounds, skin rashes, sunburn, hay fever, colds and flu just to name a few.

All Silverlab products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and contain no preservatives, colourants or fragrances.

Our products are summarised below according to their indications. They can also safely be used in combination with each other:

Silverlab Liquid & Liquid Spray
• Daily tonic, strengthening the immune system
• Support in fighting infection
• First line of defence against colds and flu
• Relief of various forms of gastric upsets
• Use handy spray as general disinfectant and topical spray

Silverlab Liqui-gel
• Soothes sore throat, tonsils and mouth infections
• Use as a douche in the treatment of vaginal thrush

Silverlab Nasal Spray
• Helps to relieve allergies, hay fever and nasal congestion
• Reduces redness and discomfort associated with flu and common colds

Silverlab Healing Gel and Cream
• The Healing Gel is ideal for application on open wounds, burns and thrush and can be applied in sensitive areas and to broken skin
• The cream is a great alternative to cortisone for the management of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and the common rash just to name a few

The products can be used even in sensitive areas, for prolonged periods of time.

Silverlab products are available at Dis-Chem, Wellness Warehouse,, selected clicks stores, leading pharmacies and health shops.

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