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About Siyaya Skills Institute

At Siyaya our focus is on empowering organisations and our unique approach is geared at developing a high powered individual and organisational skill set that will drive South Africa’s economy regionally and beyond borders.

We have highly skilled customer facing professionals who ensure that our stakeholders get end-to-end solutions and the best value.

Services/Products We Offer


Siyaya assists clients to identify their B-BBEE compliant investments, establish their current level of conformity, monetize the difference of their naturally occurring compliance and highlight the initiatives required to achieve the contributor status they aspire. This is achieved whether against the General B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice (CoGP), the Revised Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP), or one of the 9 sector specific codes.


Assist our clients in determining job profiles and categories of employees, conducting a skills audit and highlighting skills gaps, researching and aligning training requirements of positions with registered Unit Standards and Qualifications, completing Workplace Skills Plans (WSP), ATR submissions and a whole lot more.


Legislation is challenging for businesses to be compliant in all areas without assistance. We have instituted an Employment Equity desk to assist our clients with the Employment Equity Act compliance. We make it our business to keep abreast of all changes and developments within the Department of Labour Employment Equity framework.


Short courses

Narrow the performance gap by encouraging an environment of interactive education which provides learners the platform to achieve their full potential.

Skills Programs

Our registered Skills Programmes are Unit Standard aligned and formally assessed, enabling learners to gain recognition towards Full Qualifications

Full Qualifications

Our Learnerships are aligned to the National Qualifications Framework, maximising clients’ funding opportunities through Section 12 H (a) of the Income Tax Act as well as Mandatory and Pivotal Grant reimbursement.


Our Disability Management Programme provides employers with a way to integrate and understand the employment of individuals with disabilities into their environment, creating an inclusive and productive culture within the workplace. Our in-house occupational therapists, expert mentors and coaches further ensure seamless disability integration within the workplace.

Our latest Services include:

  • Accessibility audits
  • Job analysis and matching
  • Guidance on legislation/policy writing for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
  • Reasonable accommodation recommendations for PWD
  • Return to Wellness Planning for disabled staff.

Contact Details

Port Elizabeth:

21 McHardy Avenue, Holland Park

Tel.: +27 (0)41 396 3600 | 0861 00 99 04




Monyetla Office Park, Block D, 1st Floor, 3 Inyanga Close, Sunninghill

Tel.: +27 (0)10 045 6550



East London:

57A Western Avenue, Vincent

Tel.: +27 (0)43 721 0862




21 Joe Slovo Street, Durban

Tel.: 087 820 7072



Cape Town:

11 Adderley Street, Cape Town City Centre

Tel.: +27 (0)21 552 0088



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