About SolarAfrica

SolarAfrica is the industry leader in providing solar finance solutions to the commercial and industrial sector, their Capex-free solar solutions encourage businesses to go green without having to pay any upfront capital.

Being one of the only companies in South Africa specialising in solar as a service through Power Purchase Agreements, business owners have a stress-free solar alternative that enables them to become more sustainable organisations with the advantage of reducing their electricity costs from day one.

A PPA is a simple agreement that is signed between a business owner and the solar services provider, it includes the installation of a solar system at no cost and removes the challenges of having to insure, maintain, monitor, operate and clean the system for years to come. A solar tariff is billed monthly, based solely on the amount of energy the business consumes. This tariff increases annually at a fixed escalation, allowing businesses to accurately predict future energy costs. “This tariff is up to 40% cheaper than the national grid, providing significant savings each month and over the lifetime of the agreement,” says Charl Alheit, SolarAfrica’s Chief Investment Officer.

With over 100 PPAs across local and multinational businesses, achieving many major milestones from delivering the first grid-tied PPA in Kenya to constructing the largest solar carport in Africa for Ford Motor Company, SolarAfrica’s culture for innovation has no end.

Living up to their core values which form the foundation of their company ethos and the way they interact with partners, clients and shareholders, SolarAfrica’s solution extends far beyond their finance agreement. As solar finance experts, they play a major role in the design and development of each project. Their in-house engineering team oversees the complete design, modelling and procurement process ensuring that every solar system is customised to suit the specific energy requirements for each client, delivering the highest possible energy savings.

With the adoption of solar energy by South African businesses now mainstream, solar as a service has become the next sought-after solution. SolarAfrica is committed to providing sustainable savings through solar energy and assisting organisations along their green energy journey to achieve their sustainability goals.