Steyn City


About Steyn City

Imagine walking out of your front door into a 2000-acre garden; an indigenous paradise planted with every shade of green imaginable. Imagine taking just a few steps onto a running and cycling track that traverses picturesque scenery, then heading back inside your house for a quick shower before meeting your friends for a night of excellent food. Imagine watching the kids perfect their monkey bar technique while you work on your downward facing dog, under the trees. Imagine getting from the school run to your office in 10 minutes, without fighting traffic.

Steyn City residents don’t have to imagine. That’s because the Steyn City lifestyle is developed around creating a community bolstered by all the amenities you could possibly wish for, in a place more beautiful than you could have dreamed. In other words, living a life unequalled, in a place unrivalled.

Steyn City may well be the ultimate panacea for the stress and frantic pace of modern times, offering everything you need to live a rounded, balanced life, from outstanding sports and recreational facilities to a world-class school campus and a cutting-edge commercial park. The result? Freedom to live as you have dreamed with more choices that you can ever have imagined.

But it’s not only about convenience. Steyn City has strived to provide facilities of superior quality and variety. We have something for everyone: gourmands will delight in our magnificent XIX (Nineteen) Restaurant, while casual foodies will relish the fresh offerings of The Deli. Then there’s our equestrian centre, complete with separate clubhouse and, of course, our renowned Nicklaus-design golf course and award-winning clubhouse, the Club.

All this, against a backdrop of impenetrable safety and security, create a community rooted in the ideals and neighbourliness of yesterday.