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About Thebe Tourism Group

Thebe Tourism Group is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Thebe Investment Corporation (TIC). Formed in 2001, the group is the oldest black empowered South African tourism group and has a significant portfolio in tourism and related industries ranging from attractions (Cape Point), inbound and outbound tourism (Tour D’Afrique & Club Travel), car rental (First Car Rental), domestic group travel (Soul Traveller Tours) and breaching into further attractions and hospitality in the near future.

Thebe Tourism Group (TTG) was a pioneer in the transformation of the tourism sector, and today it still plays a vital role in this evolution. The rapid growth of the tourism industry had to be inclusive if the new South Africa was to live up to its potential. TTG’s goal was to drive black economic empowerment to redress the economic imbalances that exist in South African society.

Through successes and failures with valuable lessons contributing to what the group has become today, TTG has positioned itself as a tourism business that understands South African and African heritage with an unmatched ability to package aspects of this heritage into tangible tourism products for distribution
to the domestic and international tourism markets.

Our specialised services:

• Attractions Management Cape Point – one of Southern Africa’s must-see iconic destinations

• Inbound Tourism Services Tour D’Afrique – One of the leading destination management companies in Africa

• Transport services First Car Rental – A proudly South African car rental company

• Travel Management Club Travel – An award-winning travel agency with a philosophy of always giving the traveller the best deal

• Group Travel Soul Traveller Tours – A pioneer in domestic group travel. Changing the face of domestic tourism in South Africa

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