About ThinkTwice

ThinkTwice is a registered Non-Profit Organization since 14 March 2004. We are based in Cape Town and our core business is to provide skills training for child caregivers, educators, parents, youth and community workers.

ThinkTwice envisages a society where children have a strong foundation in their lives for healthy sexuality and their safety. This has inspired us to develop training programmes that strengthen and enhance skills within the Early Childhood and Community Development sectors.

As part of our community development effort, we support and improve the socio-economic development of passionate people in communities with a comprehensive range of accredited career-oriented workplace skills training programmes that are accreditated by the Education and Training Development Practices (ETDP) and Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).
We collaborate with relevant stakeholders to train, equip and empower educators, caregivers and community workers at large with information, tools, and resources to provide the children and youth in their care with the awareness, knowledge, and skills required for their safety and healthy sexuality.

Amongst our products are Jerry Giraffe program for Grade R children aged 4-6 years, Undiluted for Grade 10, Pro-literacy for women and children, Seta accredited workplace skills training; which include:

  • Facilitator Training: Facilitate learning using a variety a methodologies NQF 5
  • Assessor Training: Conduct outcome-based assessments NQF 5
  • Moderator Training: Conduct moderation of outcome-based assessments NQF 6
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development NQF 4
  • Higher Education and Training Certificate: Development practice NQF 5

ThinkTwice further conducts training, coaching and mentoring of community members to develop and implement their community-based project in their communities, eg: Inclusive Neigbourhood spaces in Noupoort, Northern Cape. In addition to this, we mobilise resources to subgrant community members funds for implementing their projects.

Contact Details

14 Park Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700

Tel.: +27 (0)21 689 8331 / +27 (0)81 387 9895



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