About Tran-Source

TRAN-SOURCE (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned transformation advisory and consulting organisation, proud of being involved in this industry that talks to our team’s combined passion for development at grass root level.

South Africa has some of the best policies founded against the best constitution and, with the dawn of democracy came hope to redress the imbalances of the past and thereby empower the citizens of the country to play a meaningful role in the economy.

B-BBEE has played a pivotal role in ensuring that transformation touches lives, from the grass roots level to the top. Many might argue that B-BBEE has largely benefited select few, argument based wrong analysis. Large organisations spend at least 4% NPAT on grass roots projects, and development of Black Owned SMME. Further concerted effort in place to train black employees, which is a scenario which without B-BBEE legisaltion wouldn’t be the case.

It is quite important to acknowledge that wrong implementation of the policies doesn’t mean that the policy is wrong. Purposely incorrect implemetation to circumvent the intention of the transformation is deemed a criminal act and punishable under law of South Africa.

Our services include:

• B-BBEE Strategy Advisory Services
• B-BBEE Audits Preparations & Management
• Learnership Implementations – Project Management
• SMME Development

Visit our website to read an overview of the BEE legislation.

Fronting is a criminal offence and therefore Tran-Source would at all times seek to work with organisations that support the spirit of Transformation.

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