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The SmokeCloak, Fog protection technology from Transaction Control Technologies (TCT) helps customers stop the scourge of daytime raids as well as burglaries in their environments.

Having lived through a home armed robbery with devastating consequences as well as an attempted Hi-jacking situation in his driveway, Malcolm Thomas, MD of TCT, realised that conventional security technology such as alarm and CCTV systems backed by armed response are hopelessly inadequate to meet this threat resulting in chaos and often, devastation. At best, these components merely serve to alert that trouble is at hand and “document” the crime with little or no chance of stopping it.

Criminals take seconds (15 sec in the case of hijacking and minutes in the case of armed robberies or burglaries) which sees them racing off, mission accomplished, before armed response teams can arrive.

Make no mistake, these security layers can be made to work if TCT’s intelligent holistic approach is adopted by introducing the missing link, the SmokeCloak, into the equation.

SmokeCloak instantly neutralizes and drives out criminals as soon as a signal from a linked alarm panel or panic button is triggered. It rapidly releases a harmless and non-contaminating vapour, shrouding and securing vulnerable situations including staff, family members and valuable goods while a response team makes their way to the crime scene.

This comprehensive and affordable technology has saved our customers millions of Rands in losses and most importantly has protected people against attack and injury while providing them with a place to hide until help arrives. Best of all, there is no clean up required and it is back to business and normality within a short space of time.

Contact TCT to learn more about securing your loved ones, your staff, your goods and your valuables with SmokeCloak technology, proven successful worldwide. This affordable technology will give you peace of mind in getting down to the business of business and living your life without fear.

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