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TrioPlus Development is a nationally recognised Enterprise and Human Capital Development  company with a strong focus on developing people and communities through skills training, mentorship, and entrepreneurial incubation within all regions of South Africa. The business was established in 2012 with the amalgamation of three strategically aligned business consulting companies. The merger was on basis of thirty-five years collective experience in individual and business development.

We approach Supplier Development with a methodology of developing an Entrepreneur holistically to achieve a greater level of sustainability. Key to this journey is the completion of a two stage Business Assessment to assess attributes, skill level and business acumen of any Supplier development candidate. The second stage comprises of a technical consultation with an industry expert.

Part of this process is focused to develop and empower Entrepreneurs and their enterprises in becoming key to any Supply Chain and successfully delivering on requirements from End-Users while growing a sustainable business.

This methodology is the combination of business mentoring and support, across sectors, provinces, income groups racial, gender, language, culture, and creed profiles.

Underpinning all the above, TrioPlus Development prides itself, its products, and services on the emphasis of development of human relationships – between company and client, company and enterprise, and between company and community.

TrioPlus classifies two key categories within its Supplier Development Programmes.

The first is businesses with Supply Chain entrance potential. The supplier orientated and readiness (SOAR) Programme has been developed to allow alignment with the requirements of a Supply Chain and prepare the entrepreneur for the compliance, adherence, and operational efficiency expectations.

This programme addresses key aspects that was found lacking in several active vendors and subsequently hindering their growth. By addressing these matters prior to entering the supply chain process several shortfalls are minimised and result in an improved vendor profile.

Secondly businesses that are already part of a large Corporate Supply Chain.

A structured mentorship and related training (SMART) Program is used assess all the facets of a business and compile a final report to provide a clear understanding of the entity’s operational classification level, business development gaps and technical development needs.

When the developmental gaps within an organisation are clear, a staged developmental plan can be implemented to assist the entity with advancing to a greater level of credibility and sustainability.

This process aims to connect small businesses to larger organizational supply chain requirements and allow for greater opportunity participation within the Supply Chain.

The programme time frame will be linked to the assessment outcome of each business. Gaps will be evaluated, and Key Performance Indicators drafted to measure the implementation and success of the development. Generally, this programme lasts 6 – 12 months, but could be expanded due to growth factors.

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