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Unlocking value for entrepreneurs through facilities management

When approaching a traditional bank or commercial property financier, entrepreneurs should be treated much more than just customers, to ensure that they manage successful businesses.

Property Management is a value-add offered to entrepreneurs, as a key component of good customer service. Compliance, construction, and utilities form part of Portfolio Management criteria. Through the TUHF Program for Property Entrepreneurs (TPPE) for example, TUHF offers on-boarding, training and mentoring for starter entrepreneurs, to equip them with the knowledge and skillsets to become competent property entrepreneurs and property managers.

Apart from providing access to finance to entrepreneurs with property passion and potential, TUHF supports entrepreneurs throughout the entire process from; negotiating a purchase price to, construction and rent up by offering experience, knowledge and expertise during a client’s 15 year loan term. Working closely with the entrepreneur from inception, ensures that the project is feasible, the purchase price is reasonable and that local market conditions are met. There needs to be a good fit between the entrepreneur and the building as well as a balance between the financial demands of the purchase and the rentals that can be realistically expected. Encouraging entrepreneurs to develop their property interests, enables them to grow from part-time to full-time property entrepreneurs.

Starter entrepreneurs need to start small and gradually expand their portfolios once they gain the experience and confidence. This approach facilitates the entrepreneur’s ability to move from a part-time to a full-time property entrepreneur. A feasibility document explores the sustainability of a project, and the earning potential, to ensure that the entrepreneur is able to cover utilities, rates and taxes, bond, and operating expenses. Therefore, a client is not financed based on how much they earn, but rather on the ability of the project to generate an income that will cover all costs and expenses on its own.

As a responsible character-based lender, TUHF has no time for “slumlords”. The Group is dedicated to the creation of human settlements with sustainable living spaces. Therefore, TUHF performs an annual review which requires the physical inspection of the building projects financed, to ensure that they comply with occupational health and safety regulations. Additionally, maintaining a good relationship with municipality as a service delivery stakeholder, enables TUHF to monitor the prompt payment of utilities, such as water and electricity.

The traits of a competent entrepreneur include having the right property management skills, and networks for the size of their project; having an honest and reliable character; good customer service and credit control; proud of earning well-maintained and clean buildings; are confident that they will make sufficient profit from their business, and have good knowledge of the area they are invested in.

*TUHF supports projects that are in major city cities in South Africa, which are in urban decline, are close to schools, public transport and places of work, are economically sustainable and have a positive effect on the areas in which they are based.


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