Two Okes Brewery


About Two Okes Brewery

Two Okes Brewery is a micro-brewery that produces quality craft beer with natural ingredients for people looking for REAL BEER.

On Heritage Day, a few years ago, over a braai and homebrewed beer, the idea was hatched for a Real Beer Brewery: A brewery where there would be no compromise on Quality or Taste.  A man with a love for brewing, and a man with the love of beer came together and said “yes” to produce Real Beer. And so it was – Two Okes Brewery born.

Currently we produce a range of craft beer to suit most beer drinking pallet;

• Two Okes Irish Ale
• Two Okes Hefeweizen
• Two Okes South African Pale Ale
• Two Okes Stout

CSR involvement:

We currently donate the waste grains from the brew process to Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre ( and Pigs ‘n Paws (

Environmentally Friendly or “Green” status:

At Two Okes we always are looking at doing our part towards a greener future. Currently we encourage all outlets to recycle our glass bottles back to us for reuse.

Contact Details

Unit 5, Stormill Industrial Estate, Corner of Slingsby street and Cartwright street, Stormill Ext. 9, Johannesburg 1709

Tel: +27 (0)83 289 2126


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