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Uzenzele provides capital raising services for expansion of existing manufacturers within established value chains. Uzenzele provides specialist SME advice by determining where and how to access finance for growth.

93% of SMEs in South Africa don’t know where or how to access finance in order to effectively capitalise themselves, nor do they have the skill, network and expertise to structure a bankable document which financiers of any nature are able to lend or grant against.

Uzenzele provides specialist advice to established SMEs to raise expansion capital from commercial and developmental sources including; government grants and incentives, loans and equity with a range of value added services. Uzenzele guides the SME, compiles bankable business plans and financial models, facilitates communication with the funders and administers all documentation for drawdown of funds.

The DTI has allocated R12.7bil in grants over the medium-term budget (2017-2020) with over R9.6bil specifically for the manufacturing sector. The incentives provide manufacturing companies with financial support to upgrade facilities, processes, products, and to upskill workers – expecting to result in over 200,000 new jobs.

specialist sme advice

Black Industrialist Scheme
Up to R50mil in grant funding, on a 30 to 50% cost sharing basis, to majority black-owned and managed manufacturing concerns able to demonstrate business viability and the need for expansion. R30million minimum capital requirement to qualify.

Agro Processing Scheme
Up to R20million in grant funding, on a 20 to 30% cost sharing basis, available for B-BBEE Level 4 agro-processors (not to be confused with primary agriculture i.e. growing/farming).

Black Economic Empowerment Transactions
Transaction advisory and capital raising services in B-BBEE ownership transactions over the R100mil valuation mark.

Debt/Loan finance
Through an extensive network of commercial, developmental and non-traditional financiers we develop bankable business plans for loans and facilities for cash flow management and asset finance.

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