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About VeriCred Credit Management Services

VeriCred Collections was established in 1990.  We have since operated as the biggest privately owned debt collection company in South Africa.  VeriCred makes use of the vast experience, knowledge and operational management of the VeriCred Group, which manages four different debt collection companies registered with the Council for Debt Collectors. VeriCred is a member of the ADRA (Association of Debt Recovery Agents).

Our vast experience in the debt collections industry coupled with input in internal processes and the development of a sustainable policy for our clients, ensure that our services contribute to increasing cash flow on a monthly basis whilst also preventing accounts from moving into the older aging categories.  We assist with implementation of policies and procedures in order to benefit our clients.

For our key clients, we operate as strategic partners – not only assisting them with the recovery of outstanding accounts, but also as a partner that complements the value chain.  This entails addressing internal inefficiencies and unsustainable practices, whilst maximising opportunities that exist in each business in handling of outstanding debtors books.  Information Technology wise, we are able to process any type of handover format.  We have a web portal where clients are able to upload their files if they do not have access to FTP protocols.  Information confidentiality is ensured by means of SFTP servers which are aligned to POPIA requirements.

Even though we specialise in collecting large amounts, the collection of smaller handovers enjoys the same priority.

Value-added services include:-

  • Quality Assurance
  • Client Relations
  • Debt Review Accounts
  • Verify Deceased Accounts
  • Prescribed Accounts
  • Credit Bureau Data
  • Website Access
  • Data Analytics

Exclusive services offered:-

Listing of debtors in a closed user group, legal services and client referral network.

Focus areas:-

  • Early handovers – this is key as it impacts directly on results yielded.
  • Flexible communication methods based on debtor’s preference, i.e. WhatsApp and emails.
  • Delivery of documents according to POPIA standards.
  • Activation of debit orders to stop prescription.
  • Acknowledgement of debt through voice recorded conversations.

Our processes are transparent and our clients have access to their information at all times.

Contact Details

VeriCred House, 11 Goetz Street, Potchefstroom, 2531

Johann Olivier

Tel.: +27 (0)18 294 1000




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