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About WBHO (Wilson Bayly Holmes-Ovcon)

The driving force behind WBHO is a core of dedicated, hands-on management professionals whose experience spans decades of major construction projects in Southern Africa, the Middle East and various Indian Ocean islands. WBHO’s offices are strategically located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Construction activities, which cover the full spectrum, are divided into three main operating divisions, Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Roads and Earthworks. Our Australian subsidiary, Probuild Constructions, has its headquarters in Melbourne.

Industry Leaders in Contractor Development

Our success in implementing and managing our Supplier and Contractor Development Programme is recognized as the leading contributor to our achievements in transformation.

WBHO has invested over R189 million in 56 programme participants over a 10 year period. Our reward in watching the growth of entities from small sub-contractors to fully independent partners to WBHO on large projects; is immeasurable.

In addition to our ED programs, our recent commitment on the Voluntary Rebuilding Programme we entered into with government, is that we have committed to growing three emerging contractors to 25% of our annual turnover in 7 years.

The aim of WBHO’s Enterprise Development Programme is to develop the beneficiary company to achieve independent operational capacity at its maximum potential level. The ED model is therefore designed to ensure that the support which WBHO provides to the developing organisation is slowly withdrawn in an agreed and structured way, leaving a successful independent.

It is therefore our own staff, who must be recognised for their unstinging commitment to the success of the ED companies under their guidance. This effort is made in addition to the demands of their projects.

Further detail on our programme can be obtained on our website in the “Road to Transformation” book.

Our Group Structure

Our vision is to be the leading construction company wherever we operate

Building and Civil Engineering

WBHO’s building division is recognised as a leader in the South African building industry. Having established a reputation for quality, reliability and delivering against budget the division regularly exceeds client expectations. The division is able to negotiate a number of projects every year as a result. The Civil engineering division adds diversity to the division’s margin streams and strengthens the overall earnings.

Roads and Earthworks

The Roads and earthworks division which operates across multiple traditional civil engineering disciplines, has through strategic acquisitions gained exposure to a number of additional specialist disciplines. The division has a particular strength when operating in Africa and has developed a successful formula for trading in the region. The division differentiates itself with its modern fleet of plant and effective teams who are encouraged to work together with consultants and clients to the mutual benefit of all parties.


WBHO entered the Australian market in 2000 after acquiring an initial 40% interest in Probuild Constructions. A decade later, with WBHO’s support, Probuild has developed into a tier one contractor having shown consistent yet controlled growth throughout the period. Key to the success of this relationship has been the similar nature of the values, culture and attitudes of management.

Other Operations

The overriding purpose of WBHO’s Other operations is to expose the group to a range of diversified margin streams within the boundaries of the construction environment, in order to provide a stable earnings platform for the group’s shareholders. These markets include private public partnerships, concession arrangements and turnkey projects as well construction materials and property investments.


Contact Details

53 Andries Street, Wynberg, Sandton, 2010

Tel: +27 (0)11 321 7200

Email: wbhoho@wbho.co.za

Website: www.wbho.co.za


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