Wellness Warehouse


About Wellness Warehouse

Established in 2007 by brothers Sean and Carlos Gomes, Wellness Warehouse is powered by a mission to provide South Africans with sustainable holistic health solutions for the body, mind and home. With 37 stores nationwide (and growing!), we are establishing a firm foothold as the go-to health retailer in the country.

We see a growing need for naturally-based products that empower individuals to take control of their own health and support a wholesome lifestyle. As such, we are dedicated to authenticity and transparency, both in our product offering and in our operations. Furthermore, we seek to support environmental consciousness, preservation and protection through our ever-growing Green Journey and our dedication to using local, sustainably-sourced products and ingredients wherever possible.

We are on a continuous journey to recognise the latest developments in holistic health so that we can offer our customers the best in products, services and support.

Services/Products We Offer 

We offer a carefully curated range of high-quality natural products that support the health of both people and planet through earth-friendly ingredients, sustainable packaging, cruelty-free practices, and a comprehensive evaluation and testing process.

Our offering includes nutritional supplements, eco-home products, wholesome health foods, fresh produce, gentle baby care, and nature-based personal care and beauty products. Our diverse selection caters to people of all walks of life, and accommodates a wide variety of diets and lifestyle choices – including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and ketogenic.

Our quarterly Wellness Magazine and online articles provide inspiration, guidance, advice and thought pieces to support our product offering, and serve as rich resources for those looking to practise holistic wellbeing.

Furthermore, we employ a highly knowledgeable, well-trained team to offer guidance and support to our valued patrons. Our in-store and online Wellness Consultants are ready and waiting to answer any questions and provide guidance to customers regarding the best product and lifestyle choices for their individual needs.

We stand firmly behind our values, priding ourselves on our personal approach to each customer’s individual wellbeing journey; championing the health of our people and planet; and helping as many South Africans as possible to live life well!