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About Zevoli Consulting

Zevoli dares to believe in win-win relationships, where SMMEs and entrepreneurs benefit as much as the corporates who help to develop them. We custom create original, pragmatic solutions that address commercial growth, always working towards the big picture – a  sustainable, inclusive South African economy.

Zevoli Consulting’s founder is Hepsy Mkhungo. Her co-directors Mpopi Khupe and Nini Nzimande and their national team of 18 permanent staff are all development powerhouses and thought leaders, with experience at local and multinational blue-chip and JSE-listed companies. Our clients include Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa, Airports Company South Africa, Absa, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and the Department of Tourism. We contributed to a study by the Gates Foundation, Harvard Business School and Business Fights Poverty. Our head office is in Johannesburg.

Services we offer

We offer big business access to untapped markets. We mentor and coach vendors, boosting their capacity and capabilities until they are robust, value-adding suppliers.  We help with access to funding and provide training and development services. We help build a healthy and diverse supplier database for corporates.

We do these things successfully by identifying creative, synergistic opportunities for businesses and SMMEs – in part, by marrying a corporate’s strategy with that of each SMME it develops. We innovate and implement these synergies in peri-urban, rural and township communities with fearlessness, confidence, and optimism. While following tried-and-tested methodologies, we maintain a clear understanding of these communities, adapting to the conditions we work in.

We challenge the perception of new suppliers as being risky, demonstrating the merit in turning vendors into strategic partners that can help cut costs, improve product designs and bring unexpected innovations.

We increase market share for corporates by opening new markets. SMMEs thrive. Young people gain experience and grow in the value chain, and the cycle matures as it repeats.

Contact Details

1st Floor, West Wing, 6 Kikuyu Road, Sununghill

Tel: +27 (0) 11 100 4727

Website: www.zevoliconsulting.co.za