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Trends in Skills Development and Training Influencing Today’ s Job Market

23 August 2013 HR ESSENTIALS

As sustainable job opportunities shrink and the need to keep a competitive edge becomes increasingly more important in the ever-changing South African business landscape, we start to see the needs of the South African workforce evolve. The challenge is striking a balance between the cost of T&D (Training and Development departments) acquiring an abundance of available unemployed graduate potential and…

The Future of Sustainable Business, the Catalyst for Industry Change and Organisational Innovation

23 August 2013 GREEN BUSINESS

Green business practices continue to be the bud of conversation among thriving corporates and small business practices with the need to stay abreast of the latest Green trends. Sustainable business practices echo opportunity value for entrepreneurs, as they stand ready to embrace the latest in Green technology, in order to develop more environmentally conscious products that their customers are becoming…

Finding the Key to Sustainable Procurement Policies

23 August 2013 ABC OF BEE

The single biggest pillar of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), is Procurement - making up nearly a quarter of the BEE scorecard. More important than ownership and management, Enterprise Development can see companies engage in communities beyond their corporate interface and strategically assist small black-owned businesses to move them from survivalists to being sustainable. Companies can support these enterprises through providing…

Trends shaping Health and Wellness in 2013-2014


The health and wellness space continues to be a topic of great debate and controversy while consumers, legislators and care providers try and predict how the next wave of innovation will impact the wellness environment. With the rate of technological innovation, the future of consumer health will be influenced by more than legislative and cultural curve balls; how will smartphones…